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Career Entry

Computer game fans often dream of developing their own games. Becoming a game developer on the other hand, seems to be an unreachable goal. The chances though are not that bad. The market is growing and PC games are becoming increasingly important in our society.

The game industry offers a wide variety of fields of activity. The three most prominent/popular jobs are game designer, graphic artist and software engineer/programmer. In larger developer studios the job descriptions become more specialized. The large studios offer jobs like the one of a level designer, author or even musician.

Furthermore, the producers play an important role in the process of creating a game. Their task is to ensure a smooth cooperation between the team members in order to deliver the final product to the stores or websites on time.

Last, but not least, the QA (Quality Assurance) makes sure that all bugs in the product are found and eradicated before the release date.

The responsibilities are strictly defined in order to work as efficient as possible. In smaller teams it is more common that responsibilities overlap.
Since all departments work hand in hand in game developing, the companies expect their employees to have a distinctive ability for team work and strong interpersonal skills.