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Game Design

It is the game designer’s main task to constantly frame the game idea. He writes the so-called design document which should preferably include exact information about the game and describe precisely how everything should work. His work is similar to that of an author of reference books or manuals. As a requirement, he needs to be perfect in his native language and English.

Many of the factors that the game designer has to take into account during his writing process have great influence of the later success of the game. On one hand, he has to create the composition of the game; on the other hand the logic and the mechanisms that run in the background of the programme.

It is very useful to have experience in programming since every platform for which he may be designing, has its limits.

In addition to that, the game designer has to constantly analyze his game and ponder on the effects his game will have on the player. He doesn’t write for himself but for a certain/special target group and has to quickly adjust, if need be.

Although there are schools that offer certificates in game design, you should only rely on such a certificate as professional qualification, if it was obtained at a technical college or university. In any case, you should focus on getting a wide-ranged education as game design is still a field of profession many people ’emigrate’ to from a totally different career. An internship doesn’t automatically qualify you to become a game designer but it gives you a good look behind the scenes to gain interesting and useful insight.

  • If you apply for an internship as a game designer, a self-written design document would be an advantage.
  • Spelling mistakes would obviously be a disadvantage.