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Graphic Artist

Most graphic artists either specialize on 2D OR 3D as both areas are very complex and require varying skill sets.
In the 2D area, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator are often used to design surfaces, textures or backgrounds but also to design draft layouts.

In 3D on the other hand, programmes like 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D or Maya are very popular. Many companies develop their own software, e.g. map-editors. All of these programmes are very complex and it takes a long time to get familiar with them.

The whole appearance of a game is based on the work of the graphic artist. Thus, the graphic artist needs to have a very good sense of colours, shapes and proportions. It is very important that you add samples of your work to your application. The quality of those has a great influence on your career chances. It’s recommendable to become a digital media designer or to study design or graphic design at a university. Certificates of courses taken will also polish up your application.

Advantage for an application:

  • A folder with your best graphics.

Disadvantage for an application:

  • A folder that contains quantity rather than quality. It is better to select a few really good works than many of lesser quality.