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Miramagia is all about magic: In the form of a mage, druid, witch or shaman the game takes you on a journey into a colorful world where you tend to your farm with the help of your character’s arcane powers. Mysterious plants as well as your newly hatched dragon await your daily care. You can summon powerful creatures to help you with your daily chores, travel to the central city to improve your magical talents by learning more advanced spells and join your neighbours in friendly competitions with rival villages. Become a master of the elements who conjures rain clouds and entire climate zones with the flick of your hand, take part in your village’s community life, interact with other real players and decorate your farm to your liking.

Enjoy the detailed, hand-drawn game world, brought to life by lovingly crafted animations and atmospheric sound effects, join the community in the award-winning browsergame Miramagia! A wonderful world full of surprises is waiting for you.